Sciatica in Honolulu

Many Americans suffer from sciatic pain without any long-term solution for it. In most of the cases, people just wait till the pain stops. This eventually leads to a worsening of the condition. This is because this sciatica pain is different amongst individual patients.

Sciatic pain can range anywhere from mild to severe and generally starts in one leg to continue moving down the lower back to the foot. The condition however worsens with time as time goes by.

Sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve starts from the lower back, at the portion where the spinal cord passes through the sacrum to continue to the hip which travels down to the leg. As the spine is multifaceted and the fact that this nerve is rather large in size, it is every easy for nerve problems to develop.

Generally, physicians who know and are trained in chiropractic care are the best people to take care of, and treat this issue. Accordingly, your physician will request that you undergo an exam meant to locate the misalignment which has triggered and led to the sciatica condition. Moreover, your complete health history helps the doctor zero in and locate the cause of the problem.

Treating the problem

There are various factors which determine the amount of time required to correct sciatica like your body shape, your level of activity, your age and your compliance. Another important factor which affects the recovery time is how long you have been suffering from this condition.

This is because if you have been suffering from the condition for a long time, and have not treated it, it only worsens the condition. These cases thus take longer to treat and correct. However patients who undergo treatment end up astonished by how quickly they start feeling better.

Surgery for back pain

Most of the people suffering from sciatica turn to medication for the first method of recovery from the condition. However at times, the pain medication may not work or be sufficient to take the pain away. In such cases, surgery seems to be the only available option.

However it should be known that about 50% of the people who have undergone back surgery for sciatica have not been cured from the condition. Moreover, about 20% need to undergo additional back surgery. Spine experts actually states that only about 25% of the people who suffer from back issues actually have to undergo surgery for pain relief.

However before you decide to undergo your back surgery, it is better to first contact the Honolulu Pain Relief Center in Honolulu today or as quickly as possible. The team of experts and doctors there will be able to help you with all the concerns and apprehensions you have about your sciatic pain.

It is true that back surgery may at times be a permanent option for sciatica. However as it may not be required in all back pain cases, it is always better to consider trying out chiropractic care before you make a commitment or decide to undergo a back surgery.

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