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A British survey has revealed that approximately one-third of all individuals involved in a non-fatal automobile accident suffer the effects of the crash one year later. Richard Mayou, a Professor of Psychiatry at Oxford University, says that even when the effects of an accident have been diagnosed as not fatal, victims still suffer significant psychological conditions afterwards.

Inferring from the above conclusions, an individual can be involved in a car accident but assume that since he was not severely injured, he can continue living his life normally. Chiropractors argue that during an accident, the body is tossed in all directions and stretched beyond normal limits. Muscles, ligaments, and tendons holding the spine and head in position are strained causing irritation and discomfort to one’s muscles and nerves. The effect can be immediate or take an extended period before it is felt: a few days to months.

This post discusses No Fault Insurance in Honolulu, Hawaii. In essence, it looks at how an individual can receive chiropractic treatment through his “no fault” insurance cover.

How No-Fault Insurance Operates In Honolulu, Hawaii

No Fault insurance is car insurance that covers its beneficiary in case an accident occurs, regardless of the party at the blame. In essence, it prevents the aggrieved party from seeking compensation from the insurance provider of the party to blame.

In Honolulu, it is mandatory that residents purchase and maintain their car insurance policies. Since Honolulu is under Hawaiian jurisdiction, residents must comply with the minimum requirements that Hawaii imposes on Honolulu. Under Hawaii law, individuals must carry a $10,000 minimum personal injury protection for both the driver and the passengers; it pays for rehabilitation and medical costs. Other mandatory coverage includes $20,000 per individual or $40,000 per accident for physical injury liability. In addition, the party at fault must pay $10,000 for property damage liability.

Since no-fault policy covers everyone, from the person who caused the crash to the victim, a policyholder can use his cover to benefit from the chiropractic services of a chiropractor who accepts compensation for this type of car insurance cover. If a chiropractor accepts such payment, the victim of an auto accident can benefit from the following services, through his insurance provider:

Chiropractic Treatment Following an Auto Accident

A car accident chiropractor specializing in back and neck injuries should first examine his patient to find the source of his or her pain: x-rays can be used to diagnose the condition better. Based on exam findings, one or a combination, of the following approaches can be used:

Massage therapy and Chiropractic

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Mobilization

Activator Method

Therapeutic Exercise

The method a chiropractor uses should be dependent on the severity of a person’s injury or his personal preferences. A therapist can apply one or a combination of the above treatment methods when treating back pain problems.

Activator Method Chiropractic Procedure

The Activator Method entails the use of a small handheld device known as an Activator Adjusting Instrument to deliver mild force to the spine, with the goal of restoring motion to the affected joint. It is an alternative to the conventional spinal manipulation technique. The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners estimates that half of American Chiropractic Professionals use the Activator method to nurse people’s back discomforts. It is reportedly among the most preferred pain relieving techniques.

Spinal Manipulation – High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Thrust

This is among most frequently utilized chiropractic methods. It usually results in audible sounds as the therapist applies pressure – using their hands – to the various joints in the body. This process entails the application of sudden pressure to the affected areas.

Spinal Mobilization – Low Force Technique

Some conditions such as osteoporosis, which cannot be treated by chiropractic manipulation, can be treated by spinal mobilization. Mobilization entails the application of low pressure to the affected region, allowing it to stretch naturally. Some patients prefer mobilization to manipulation since it does not involve vigorous twisting of the body.

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic

A chiropractor may use these two techniques to alleviate back pain resulting from an auto accident. When applied together, these complementary therapies form a highly effective healing approach to back discomfort, and also increase the body’s resilience and mobility. Regular chiropractor visits result in the reestablishment of normal alignment and movement.

According to Leslie Ware, an Editor at Consumer Reports, some types of alternative medicine work well in alleviating the effects of ailments like back pain, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. Chiropractic and deep tissue massage, he added, proved more effective. The two work well together because application of moderate pressure to the soft tissues and muscles, stimulates a surge of biological effects. Just like sports, which stimulate the body’s pressure receptors, massage and manipulation help the body become healthier and more robust.

Therapeutic Exercises

A chiropractor can recommend exercise as a means of eliminating back problems for a car accident victim. Cardiovascular exercises can be combined with strengthening exercises and chiropractic to temper lower back discomfort. It is prudent for a patient with heart problems to communicate to his chiropractor and physician before commencing cardiovascular activities. Exercise manages chronic back pain, strengthens the lower back, and improves the quality of life. Overall, when combined with manipulation, aerobic exercise stimulates digestion, tones one’s muscles and promotes better circulation. Walking briskly once or twice every day also improves a person’s physical health.

Exercises that relieve lower back pain include:

If an individual is comfortable bending over, flexion biassed exercises such as pulling one’s legs to his chest, bending over from a sitting position, and posterior pelvic tilts can help him feel better.

If a person finds stretching difficult, especially if his leg restricts his ability to stretch, press-up types of exercises work best.

The Bottom Line

Most people resume their daily life activities after being involved in a not-so-fatal car accident. Since the body sometimes fails to respond immediately after being hurt, it is easy to resume normal routine. However, research reveals that most auto-accident victims complain of back pain related ailments after an extended period. Since the no-fault insurance covers everyone involved in a crash, it is prudent to visit your no fault insurance chiropractor in Honolulu, Hawaii after a crash to ward off any collision-related effects.